The maker of heavenly trousers

Thu 17 Aug 2006, 05:01 PM by Jay Kastner
...from 11:00 PM EDT 2006-08-20 (Sunday) until 5:00 PM EDT 2006-08-21 (Monday). Brighthouse will be transfering my service to the new place.

Wed 16 Aug 2006, 11:07 PM by Jay Kastner
Mon 14 Aug 2006, 11:42 AM by Jay Kastner
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Tue 8 Aug 2006, 09:16 PM by Jay Kastner
So, they took all of us in the KD MBA program to Assembly Hall tonight. And served us dinner there. But this was the best part (yes, I can jump well enough to grab the net and pull myself up!):$file/dunk.jpg$file/chair.jpg$file/court.jpg$file/banners.jpg
Tue 8 Aug 2006, 09:11 PM by Jay Kastner
Morrissey's 1992 album "Your Arsenal" my summer soundtrack. For some reason, it really sounds fresh to me right now. Go out and buy it, you won't be disappointed.
Fri 4 Aug 2006, 11:58 AM by Jay Kastner
I know, this is a little old now. But in case you haven't seen it...
As seen by the Americans
As seen by the French
As seen by the Germans
As seen in Hong Kong
As seen by the Italians
Thu 3 Aug 2006, 12:29 PM by Jay Kastner
...that anyone 30 years old and above has no business being on MySpace. Let the flame-wars begin.