Oopsy, I said the f-word...

My Favorite Music For 2014

Sun 28 Dec 2014, 03:39 PM

1. Röyksopp - "The Inevitable End"
Hard. Soft. Detailed. Balanced. Excellent production. The pre-release "Do It Again" EP puts it on top.

2. Morrissey - "World Peace Is None of Your Business"
Quirky. Cold. With substance. Too cerebral for most. Brave. This is how you end up labelless, yet able to sleep at night.

3. The War on Drugs - "Lost in the Dream"
Warm. Simple. Complex.

4. The Horrors - "Luminous"
Dark. Solid. Just missing the quirks of previous releases.

5. Tycho - "Awake"
Put it on repeat. Chill.

6. James - "Petite Mort"
Sunshine. Is it even possible for them to make a bad album?

7. Interpol - "El Pintor"
Solid start to finish. But missing the hooks of previous releases.

8. Echo & the Bunnymen - "Meteorites"
Clean. Fresh. Open. Nice experimentation on the vocal tracks.

9. Damon Albarn - "Everyday Robots"
I was expecting something more akin to Blur's "Battery in your legs". A good album, just missing some complexity & variety.

10. The Crystal Method - "The Crystal Method"